Describing Places

“Place” is a general word to describe a particular position or point in space. Let’s think of some ways of describing places you like and places you dislike.

Other adjectives to people or places here.

Positive Descriptive Adjectives -Describing places you like

quaint town with bridge on river - describing places
Quaint little village.
  • Affordable – cheap, you money goes a long way.
  • Alive – Full of life
  • Attractive – Pleasing; charming
  • Beautiful – Having qualities that are pleasing or appealing
  • Bustling – Full of life, energy
  • Calm – Peaceful; free from stress
  • Charming – Fascinating; likeable
  • Colorful – having much or varied color; bright.
  • Cosmopolitan – Appealing to people from all across the globe
  • Exciting – full of live
  • Enchanting – Delightful; fascinating
  • Exotic – attractive or striking because colorful or out of the ordinary.
  • Ethereal – dreamy
  • Famous – well known, of notoriety.
  • Fantastic – exceptionally good
  • Fascinating – Alluring; captivating
  • Fertile –  fruitful and abundant
  • Fresh – Something newly made and full of vigor
  • Homey – Cozy; inviting
  • Huge – really big.
  • Inexpensive – not expensive
  • Inspiring – Enlivening; motivating
  • Lively – Full of life and spirit
  • Peaceful – Calm; friendly
  • Picturesque – Scenic; beautiful
  • Popular – liked by the people.
  • Quaint – attractively unusual or old-fashioned.
  • Rich – of considerable money
  • Unspoiled – Untouched by man; pure
  • Vibrant – Full of life; energy
  • Warm – Welcoming
  • Wealthy – rich, of considerable money
  • Tranquil – calm, not too busy
  • Tropical – hot climate
  • Unspoiled – Untouched by man; pure
  • Vibrant – Full of life; energy
  • Warm – Welcoming
  • Wealthy – rich, of considerable money

Words to Express Dislike for a Place

If the show doesn’t fit, don’t force it. Go ahead and call it polluted, rundown, or even horrifying. Try to evoke scents as well as sights with your prose. Some of these words may be subject to opinion, such as crowded or touristy, but readers will quickly catch your connotation.

  • Bare/barren – bleak and lifeless.
  • Bleak – Gloomy; somber
  • Boring – Dull; uninteresting
  • Creepy – Causing feelings of fear or disgust
  • Crowded – Filled to capacity
  • Compact – not big, small area.
  • Deserted – Abandoned; uninhabited
  • Desolate – Empty; bleak
  • Dry – with little or no rainfall or humidity.
  • Dull – Boring; lacking zest
  • Expensive – Costly; having a very high price
  • Generic – lacking personality
  • Horrifying – Frightening; disgusting
  • Nightmarish – Resembling a bad dream
  • Polluted – Dirty; contaminated
  • Rough – characterized by or notorious for the occurrence of violent behavior.
  • Rundown – In poor condition
  • Stormy – Turbulent; tempestuous
  • Touristy – Of or for tourists, suggesting tastelessness
  • Ugly – Visually unpleasing

More Words to Describe a Place

Sometimes, it all boils down to the facts of the matter. Perhaps you’re visiting ancient ruins or staying at a contemporary resort. Here are some unbiased descriptors to help you label a place:

  • Agricultural – relating to farm and agriculture.
  • Ancient – Belonging to an earlier period of time
    • Rome is an ancient city. It is thousands of years old.
  • Cobbled – paved with cobbles.”a cobbled courtyard”
  • Contemporary – Existing in the present time
  • Historic – famous or important in history, or potentially so.
  • Industrial – relating to or characterized by industry.
  • Magical – Captivating; enchanting
  • Majestic – Grand; impressive; stately
  • Modern – Of or relating to the current time
  • Mystical – Magical; enigmatic
  • Rural – in, relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town.
  • Quiet – Not noisy
  • Urban – in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.
  • Traditional – In keeping with conventional customs

Places in towns

woman walking on pathway while strolling luggage
woman bartender smiling while mixing liqueurs
Bar (Pub/Tavern)
trendy young lady catching cab on city street
Bus Stop
close up photo of person holding tennis racket and ball
Tennis Club
fries and burger on plate
city of orlando fire station one
Fire Station
group of people studying together
High School
ambulance architecture building business
cartoon movie showing on theater screen
Movie Theater (cinema)
woman with face mask holding an alcohol bottle
Pharmacy (drugstore/chemist)
architecture building business city
Shopping Center
booth branding business buy
baguette bakery blur bread
man taking beard shave
america architecture bay boat
person using espresso machine
judge signing on the papers
Circuit Court (County Court)
children painting with water color
Elementary/Middle School
woman in black sleeveless crop top and white leggings using a butterfly machine in front of a mirror
man covering face with frame
exhibit painting display
post office facade
Post Office
woman doing facial mask
silhouette photography of people on theater
buildings with glass windows
oimachi sta signage
Bus Station
white concrete building
City Hall (Civic Center)
man in black jacket holding a rattan plastic basket
Department Store
coca cola cans beside pizza
Fast Food (Joint)
photo of person s hairstyle
Hairdresser/ nail-saloon
people walking on park
High Street
light inside library
Library (bookstore)
people inside a club
blur breakfast chef cooking
aerial photography of stadium
gray and red train on subway
Train Station