plural noun: greetings

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  1. A polite word or sign of welcome or recognition.”Mandy shouted a greeting”
  2. Verb ‘To greet’ Similar verbs:
    • hello, salute, salutation, address, welcome, hailing, nod, wave, acknowledgment
  3. Opposite: farewell
    • the action of giving a sign of welcome or recognition.”she raised her hand in greeting
      1. I bid her farewell, in silence, because I knew she could no longer hear me.
    • a formal expression of goodwill, said on meeting or in a written message.”warm greetings to you all”

Opening Greetings

GreetingUsage (Oral / Written)Language Register
Dear All / Sir / MadamWritten onlyVery formal
Dear Mr. X / Mrs. X / Miss X / Ms. XWritten onlyVery formal
Pleased to meet you / It’s a pleasure to meet youOralFormal
How do you do?OralFormal
Good morning / day / eveningWritten and OralFormal – Neutral
Hello (+ Mr. X / Mrs. X / Miss X / Ms. X)Written and OralFormal
HelloWritten and OralNeutral
Hello (+ First name)Written and OralNeutral – Informal
How are you?Written and OralNeutral
Hi!Written and OralNeutral – Informal
Hey thereMostly oralNeutral
Hey / Hey man! / Hey guys!Written and OralInformal
Hello stranger!Mostly oralInformal
How’s everything going? / How are things? / How’s life?OralInformal
Howdy / Hey mate / Hey man / G’day / and Gidday mateMostly oralInformal
Long time, no see!OralInformal
What’s up?Mostly oralInformal
Hiya!Written and OralInformal
Yo!Mostly oral Very informal
Howdy!OralVery informal
Oh My God….I did NOT expect to see you here!OralInformal
‘Sup?OralVery informal
SalutationsWritten and Oral
Salutations from spaceOralInformal
Welcome!Written and OralNeutral

Closing Greetings

GreetingUsage (Oral / Written)Language Register
Yours Sincerely / Yours FaithfullyWritten onlyVery formal
(Kind, Warm) RegardsWritten onlyFormal
FarewellWritten and oralFormal
All the bestWritten and oralNeutral – Formal
Goodbye!OralNeutral – Formal
See you later / tomorrow / in the morningMostly oralNeutral
Take careWritten and OralNeutral
From (+ name)Written onlyNeutral
Bye!OralNeutral – Informal
See ya!OralInformal
Love / Love fromWritten onlyInformal (used with close friends and family)
Lots of love / Much loveMostly writtenInformal
See you aroundOralInformal
Catch you laterOralInformal