We can use imperatives to give orders and instructions. Think of a cooking recipe or an airport guard or sign telling you how to proceed.

Imperatives - airport signs
  • Do not step on the grass.
  • Remove your hats, shoes, belts and jackets.
  • Be nice to your brother or sister.
  • Add 2 pounds of flour
  • Don’t forget your bag!

How to use them

The imperative is the same as the verb. We use the verb without the subjective pronoun (who are you talking to? ).

  • Help your parents at home.
  • Play quietly!

For a negative order or instruction, use don’t.

  • Don’t run in the corridors.
  • Don’t be late!

Use please and thank you to be more polite.

  • Please put the plates on the table.
  • Don’t make so much noise, please.