Making suggestions

There are different ways that we can make a suggestion or recommend something in English. Making suggestions with modal verbs (should, shall, could, can)

Subject + model + verb…

  • We should start from the beginning.
  • I think we should go for candidate one.
  • We could appeal
  • You could do yoga if you want to be healthier.
  • She can have it send to her house, if she prefers
  • Shall we present it at the meeting?
  • Should we call it a day?
  • Shall we get going?
  • I would like to make a suggestion
waiter making suggestions
A waiter making suggestions

and with let’s, how about.., why don’t we….?

  • Let’s focus.
  • How about starting with social media?
  • How about this movie?
  • Why don’t you ask Rebecca?
  • Is it okay if we start with….?
  • I think it’s best if we…
  • I say we keep going
  • I believe the best option is…

To make a suggestion – verbs


VERB: to offer an idea or a plan for someone to consider


VERB: put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for a particular purpose or role. I strongly recommend locking your car’s doors.

put forward

PHRASAL VERB: to offer an idea, opinion, reason, etc., especially so that people can discuss it and make a decision. We drafted an early proposal


VERB: to make a formal suggestion in a meeting for people to think about and vote on


VERB: to suggest an idea for people to consider to see how they will react

put forth

PHRASAL VERB: (FORMAL) to state or offer an idea, opinion, plan ,etc.

toss out

PHRASAL VERB: to offer an idea or plan


VERB: (FORMAL) to offer an idea or theory for other people to consider


VERB: (INFORMAL) to suggest what you would like to do in a particular situation


VERB: (FORMAL) to suggest something for people to consider

put before

PHRASAL VERB: to formally offer an idea or proposal to someone for them to consider or accept

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