What are odes?

An ode is a short lyric poem that praises an individual, an idea, or an event. In ancient Greece, odes were originally accompanied by music—in fact, the word “ode” comes from the Greek word aeidein, which means to sing or to chant. Odes are often ceremonial, and formal in tone.

Examples of odes

An ode is typically written to praise a person, event or thing (we wrote two examples of odes: one to mother earth an the other to our dog!) and they are usually quite short in length.

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By Rebeka Mendes

light sea people woman. examples of odes, ode to gaia
Photo by imustbedead on Pexels.com

Ode to Gaia

Planet Earth gave birth 

To all that’s breathing

She bestowed upon the living,

because she is giving

All the things one might need

Indeed, she will always feed

Everyone, without asking their creed

It is in her nature

Look at the aurora 

Or ye get lost in her flora

Take refuge under a tree

Drink some sweet tea

Or ye may want to smell the flowers,

And in your finest hours

Walk on the sand, and bathe in the ocean

Fill every minute with emotion

Avoid frivolous commotion

For on planet Earth 

It is natural to be in awe

Of the paws, the jaws, and the claws

Or the beaks

For each animal is unique

Some of them squeak while others speak

There are those who live on the water

Like mother otter, her sons, and daughters

And those who live in the water

Such pretty colors, gills, fins, and scales

‘Tis Easy to get lost in the details

The primordial soup 

Origin to all the groups

Here’s to all the alchemy we have yet to master

Let it move faster, so we can improve together

And when ye can no longer move, 

May they lay ye in a bed of heath

Ode to dogs like you

I can hear you as I take my keys out

It’s been a couple years since I took you home

The house was lifeless before you

But now every time I come home

You brighten up my day

Like a bottomless well of pure light

You were eight weeks old

When I walked up to your mother’s litter

And you immediately picked me

There’s a dent on the couch, that’s your spot

It doesn’t matter what kind of day I had

You always make feel golden

Light and love, that’s your superpower

Remember when I had a fever and you stayed up all night?

You even tried to give me Mr. Teddy

Sweet baby

I never hurt like I did when you got food poisoning

I hope you know when I see your face through the window

My heart smiles

Who knew happiness came in different breeds?

Thank you for letting me sleep on your bed

Race you to the couch?

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