Freestyle Poetry

What is a freestyle poetry? Nonmetrical, non-rhyming lines that closely follow the natural rhythms of speech. A regular pattern of sound or rhythm may emerge in free-verse lines, but the poet does not adhere to a metrical plan in their composition.

It has no defined meter, no consistent rhyme scheme, and no specified length or formal requirements. A free verse poem, also known as a vers libre, is a poem that lacks all of the above. It has no defined meter, no consistent rhyme scheme, and no specified length or formal requirements.

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Here are three Freestyle Poetry Examples:

by Alice Eaglefeather

Dramatic poetry example


Train-wrecks help you avoid future disasters

It is only after you have loved the wrong person

That you truly see who you are

Like a second draft, your life, this time you will word it better

Not even the most divine looking statue will fool you

Leave; stronger, smarter, wiser

Your life now belongs to two people

The person you used to be and the person you have become

Do not ever look back, ever

For you left for good reason

The inexorability of life will show you

What matters is the essence of you

Your home will forever be your heart

In your heart

Pour your sorrows into words so that you can share it with others

Cry oceans of tears, so long as it gets it out of you

Be; smarter, stronger, wiser

Leave while you can

Because he who has never valued you does not deserve

Your pain, your time, and your body

Do not go back,

For the only true failure is the failure to evolve

Brave, be brave

Enough to believe in yourself, flirt with your options

Do not allow yourself to be weak

For it is a perpetual ritual

No one is to blame

Move on; wiser, stronger, smarter

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Narrative poetry example

Bitter End

It is time
The damage is done
Go on, set yourself free now
You are untied
The ropes are undone
The pain is still here, I know
And it may never leave
But you know I cannot stay
I can only live my way

Sisters that part ways
Split the lineage
The wheel spins, siblings go
Never to cross paths again
You think heaven awaits
I know all we get is this place
The choices made
The end is here
I wish you well

The roads are not clear, but I need peace
I know who I am, and what I believe
I will make friends
Fill the void
Have children
Build a house
Write a book
Make it taste less sour

I am going to lie to mama
When she asks about you, I’ll tell her we still talk
I will make a joke, go for a walk
Make tea
Fill the void

I will watch the sunset
And cry
I will kiss my husband
Eat my feelings
Fill the void
Bathe in my sorrows
Soak in my memories
Make it taste less bitter
For this is the end.

Lyric poetry example


Perseverance over perfection

Blue over black

Passion over adoration

Prudence over spontaneity

Can one have it all?

You either buy the bread or keep the money

My stomach aches and talks to me

My feet hurt and remind me I need new shoes

I have a choice

I can do anything

But Cronus is an unstoppable god and an unforgiving one too

Tick- Tock

Should I drown or should I die of thirst?

Humankind strongest emotion smothers me

The agony of doubt puts my physical health in danger

I am in love

Neither the bread nor the money

What has love got to do with it anyway?

I wash off my insecurities in the river

I use the money to buy a pair of running shoes

And I chase the best version of me,

Somewhere I can be free

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