How To Write Satire With Examples

Satire offers political and social commentary, using exaggeration, irony, humor, allegory, and more to make a point. Unlike popular belief it is not supposed to be used against people, it was always created and intended to criticize institutions. That being said, it is a powerful weapon and can be used to discredit and humiliate. Here’s How To Write Satire With Examples:

1. Choose a Clear Premise
2. Take a Strong Point-of-View
3. Find Unusual, Extreme Specifics
4. Get Feedback
5. How to Write Hack: Read a Lot and Write even more!
6. Be mindful of genres and sub-genres
7. Rejection and Persistence in Writing – it’s part of the game, the sooner you learn the better.

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satire writing examples


Alien Paleontology, 5022

“What about the skin apes? The last ones before the cyborgs, circa 21st century.”

“Humans, they referred to themselves as humans. Still working those artifacts, and just started translating their languages. I wrote a rough draft about them – they loved mathematics. See, I am sure of their love of Addition, in particular. More than half of the planet had Plus Signs on top of their graves. Not to mention the Multiplication cemeteries.”

“Looks more like a star.”

“Some cemeteries had a C-star. Clearly a beautiful homage to Banach Algebra.”

“My little sister thinks it is a crescent moon.”


Justice For George Floyd

While the rest of the world rejoiced over justice being served on the highly debated George Floyd’s Trial, QAnon supporters are devastated to learn they live in the real world. And that America has a functional justice system.

This historic moment of accountability making a former Q believer say: “The guilty verdict of police officer Derek Chauvin for murder made me question everything. Like, is the Earth even flat?”

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