Everyone Deserves Access To Education

In our changing world, we need to ensure prepared, qualified, culturally diverse individuals are leading, teaching and learning in our schools. At AlphaBeta, we believe in teacher excellence, and we believe that the teacher qualification process is more important than ever. We envision different types of assessments and programs that measure quality for teachers who are coming to the profession from differing backgrounds and experiences. Become a teacher with us now!

Good courses take work. Hard work. I know this because my team has created more than 25 online courses available in English, Spanish and Portuguese and each of them takes us 3-6 months from idea to launch. And that’s with a team of 3 people working on each course!

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create an online course because they are a great way to separate money from time and reach a lot more people at once. It just means you shouldn’t try to do it all yourself. And that’s where we can help.

Our team will work with you from start to finish to create a high-quality course you’ll be proud of… and get it ready for a successful launch.

Professional development for language teachers

AlphaBeta provides practical guidance and support for language teachers as part of its mission to raise standards in the educational sector. Our work in this area has focused on producing tools for mapping and assessing language teacher competences. We offer a range of training programs on the adoption of the competence frameworks to facilitate professional development of teachers.

We work with an international team of expert trainers and consultants. We start by understanding your needs and defining your goals. This ensures we develop and adapt the program and resources designed for your specific needs and context.

Let us know your training needs.