Interjections are short words or phrases that show emotion. It often stands alone, unconnected to a sentence and even hesitation. Interjection (noun): a part-of-speech that expresses emotion. It often stands alone, unconnected to a sentence.

Hello! That’s an interjection.

Interjections are short exclamations like Oh!Um or Ah! They have no real grammatical value but we use them quite often, usually more in speaking than in writing.

When interjections are inserted into a sentence, they have no grammatical connection to the sentence.

Interjections are frequently followed by an exclamation mark (!), which itself is used to express emotion.

Interjections like er and um are also known as “hesitation devices”. They are extremely common in English. People use them when they don’t know what to say, or to indicate that they are thinking about what to say.

An interjection is one of the 9 parts of speech.

Typical interjections are:
man looking really surprised and shocked saying OMG - an interjection

And here are some interjections in context:

  • Hey! Don’t be so lazy!
  • Well, let’s think about it.
  • Ouch! That hurts!
  • Lima is the capital of…er…Peru.

Interjections are not normally used in formal writing, but they are common in speech (and therefore informal and fiction writing), where they show emotions such as anger, surprise and interest as well as convey hesitation.

Here’s a list of Interjections

ahexpressing pleasureAh, that feels good.
ahexpressing realizationAh, now I understand.
ahexpressing resignationAh well, it can’t be helped.
ahexpressing surpriseAh! I’ve won!
alasexpressing grief or pityAlas, she’s dead now.
dearexpressing pityOh dear! Does it hurt?
dearexpressing surpriseDear me! That’s a surprise!
ehasking for repetitionIt’s so hot today. Eh? Did you hear me?
ehexpressing inquiryWhat do you think about that, eh?
eh/ohexpressing surpriseEh/Oh, You’re here!
ehinviting agreementCome on, eh?
erexpressing hesitationBrasilia is the capital of…er…Brazil.
Dangexpressing surprise
God/Geeexpressing anger, surprise, worry [some people may consider this offensive]God, what a negative attitude you have.
helloexpressing greetingHello John. How are you today?
helloexpressing surpriseHello! My car’s gone!
heycalling attentionHey! look at that!
heyexpressing surprise, joy etcHey! That’s a good idea!
hiexpressing greetingHi! What’s new?
hmmexpressing hesitation, doubt or disagreementHmm. I’m not so sure.
oh, oexpressing painOh! I’ve got a toothache.
oh, oexpressing pleadingOh, pretty please say “yes”!
Okayexpressing agreementOkay. I’ll do it right now.
Oy Veyexpressing dismay or disbelief
ouchexpressing painOuch! That hurts!
Phewexpressing relief Phew! Glad I made it on time
uhexpressing hesitationUh…I don’t know.
uh-huhexpressing agreementShall we go? / Uh-huh.
um, ummexpressing hesitation85 divided by 5 is…um…17.
wellexpressing surpriseWell, you never!
wellintroducing a remarkWell, what did he say?
Woops/Ooopsexpressing Regret
wowexpressing amazementWow! Your guitar is so cool!
Yikesexpressing pain or ShockYikes, his eyes look so weird after that facelift
*Intonation Will Vary